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In Memory
We cling to Memory, as we would rocks in a river.
Holding them tight even as the water rises. Covering our eyes, our ears. Filling our Mouths and Noses. Crushing our senses under its weight.
We cling to our Memories instead of letting go and riding the torrent down to calmer waters.
And thus we drown. Under the weight of our own Mind.
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 0 7
Marginal Poem
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 1 0
My Good Friend
A tear wells up on my face,
As I hear a soft knock at my door
He knows its that time again
And he wonders if I can take anymore
A black cloak swirls
As Death steps right in
Telling "Hello Bud"
With a toothy Grin
We sit and have a game of checkers
Chatting while we sip at some Tea
Talking out how the Day went
He asks what's wrong with me
I smile and shrug saying "The usual"
We have known each other to long for me to lie
His empty sockets meet my eye
And he asks "are you ready to die?"
I shake my head saying "No,
I'm not done, even though life's brutal"
He stands up and points dramatically
We both start to laugh
Having done this countless times
Hearing these words over again
We know every line.
He waves and says goodbye
He has no more time to spend
Tell me he will see me next time
I say "Goodbye Death, my friend"
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 0 6
Sinner or a Saint
I am neither a sinner, nor a Saint
I walk a path of truth but
Never knowing why, wonder
the reasons behind where I put
my feet, even while I try. I've have never
worn the collar, though neither am I
like some who do, I don't abuse the trust;
that I have earned from you...
I am neither a Sinner, nor a Saint
I have felt the sting of Pride
and I have known the touch of Wrath
other feelings and desires, sometimes
hold me still, sometimes block my path.
I can not say im Pure, and I can't say I have
never lied, the only thing I ask of you, is to judge
me by what I hold inside...
I am neither a Sinner, nor a Saint
Like the most of man, There is darkness
in my soul, but light does shine behind it
deep with that hole, where my heart sits
waiting fighting back that taint, fighting
back the evil...still I'm not a sinner...
Nor a Saint
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 1 110
Trees And Snow by Iceman1387 Trees And Snow :iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 7 30
Your Guardian
I am your Guardian
Protecting your path
Watching your feet
Keeping you safe
As you walk down the street
I am your Guardian
Holding back the dark
A Lantern in the night
Sheltering you in my glow
So you feel no fright
I am your Guardian
You always feel secure
Whilst I hang over head
Letting you follow this
Road you choose to tread
I am your Guardian
Seeing you all the way
Into the shelter of my friend
Letting him lead you on
To home around the bend
He Is your Guardian...
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 8 55
An Era's End
The time has finally come
and Forever is at an end
Ages are changing...waiting
for a new Era to descend
What is really in our future?
Not one of us really know
Standing together, you and I
Watching the end come slow
Holding tight to your hand,
It would be wrong of me to lie
To not say “I Love You”...
As we watch Forever die.
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 5 14
Ice Rose
On the side, climbing up far
scaling this tall pillar of rock
covered in white crystal
an interesting path to walk
Searching on this trek
for an old, lonesome tomb
The last place in the world
That this rare flower blooms
Seeing an opening I look in
Finding my Cavern, so I go
My foot pressing prints deep
as I tread over unbroken snow
The snows wounds stop
at the shear wall of stone
which ends my cold route
I've found my Goals Home
Gleaming petals of pure Ice
as if caught in peak it froze
Before me in transparent blue
Lies the last Winter Rose
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 4 23
A Roses Desire
A single rose in bloom
Beautiful yet unvain
Delicate and soft
Yet a stranger to the rain.
Not a thorn on it
Never having felt pain
It gives it self to all
But is tossed aside with disdain.
Thrown away over and over
Each time a bit is slain
Petals fall and thrones grow
Till no softness will remain.
This isn’t what it wants
To be left under this strain
Not knowing why anymore
Just praying for a change.
It resides itself
To being mundane
To an armored shell
And never complain...
To never explain
it just wants to obtain
what everyone can contain
what all can give...but not all attain.
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 0 26
I Reflect You
Tentatively a light gleams, flickering softly against the Mirror of my Heart, casting a bashful glow upon this looking glass, I look wondering where to start...
For so long it stood, holding a reflection I could not see, couldn’t understand, yet couldn’t live without.
In the warm light however, a face is coming into view, still half hidden in the mirror, but I swear its starting to look more and more like you
the image being created, silhouetted as if by Moonlight, grasps my gaze and holds it tight, I stand holds me in thrall, I need to see the whole picture...I have to see it all
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 2 23
The Brightest One
Stars fall from the sky
Streaks of blazing light
Seeming to fly
Through the night
The Brightest One
Landing at my feet
Shining like the sun
Air wavering in its heat
Shimmering like a pool
I reach down to take
This glittering Jewel
And the promise it makes
Lifting it for a start
Then pressing it near
Holding it to my heart
Feeling it belongs here
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 4 26
Sky by Iceman1387 Sky :iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 10 29
An angelic Siren sings
the stars into the sky
Dancing around the moon
spinning with comets, flying by
Sit and watch, this Tiny Dancer
Swirling shapes into the clouds
White on top of a Dark Blue
Beautiful in every Hue
Helping the fitful sleep
She serenades the world
Her ringing voice
letting all dream deep
She moves aside for
the Artist in the Sky
The sun is rising molten
She must say goodbye
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 4 17
Switchie by Iceman1387 Switchie :iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 1 13
Of Gold and Darkness
A golden heart, shining in the night
is pulled down into an abyss so dark
Deep in this breast it sinks leadened
Shall it, can it cast a hopeful spark?
Even a gilded heart can be burdened
by thoughts and feelings lost
Its warmth cannot withstand the pain
Creeping over the gold, silent as frost
And then with a crash, the heart falls deeper
What once was luminescent now lays tarnished
At last the taint and rust have claimed it
So lonely now, like a lovers lips left un-kissed
Quite the irony to be so bright
And yet be totally lost to black
This is a Poet's pain, now stand up
Only you can bring your life back
:iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 10 12
Peaceful by Iceman1387 Peaceful :iconiceman1387:Iceman1387 8 70



United States
This is me, and just in case you are wondering...My Guitar is Blue

Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: all of em sept like acid rock
Favourite photographer: don't got one
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Wallpaper of choice: Cool Pictures
Favourite cartoon character: Assy McGee
Personal Quote: When it doubt Pinky Out
  • Listening to: Don't You Wanna Stay - Jason Aldean
  • Reading: Wizards First Rule
  • Watching: 2012
  • Playing: Carmen (my electric Guitar)
  • Eating: Nothin
  • Drinking: always


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